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Company Overview

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The principals are:

Gary R. Hudson

Mr. Hudson has 40 years experience in the evaporative cooling market place as a representative of a mayor cooling tower manufacturer. He has extensive knowledge in the market place in all aspects of systems, applications, and has built up an impressive list of completed projects in the market area served.   Through this association he has built up a large unit population in the markets of commercial air conditioning, industrial refrigeration and industrial applications, which has provided the opportunity to supply service, parts, repair and refurbish of the equipment. 

E-mail: grh@ctreservices.com

Pedro M. Bustamante

Mr. Bustamante has ten years of experience in the evaporative cooling market place and has worked with numerous owners and their representatives in presenting the repair and refurbish option of evaporative cooling equipment as a cost effective alternative to the expensive cost of replacing the units. The building owners are offered detailed no cost inspections of the evaporative cooling equipment where a detailed report is prepared and submitted complete with budget pricing for insertion into the owners year-end budget.

E-mail: pmb@ctreservices.com

Del N. Ferguson

Mr. Ferguson has twenty-five years experience in the evaporative cooling market place and has installed, refurbished and erected cooling towers in over 200 projects. He has completed and instructed all the major programs involving safety and special operating conditions when working on cooling towers and through his involvement with BAC Pritchard he has the expertise for the rebuilding and repair of field erected wood towers He also has vast coatings experience in the application of wood towers and is proficient on the materials of construction of both wood and steel constructed cooling towers. Mr. Ferguson is a qualified painter, sandblaster and a highly skilled mechanic who has supervised numerous construction projects involving the repair, erection and installation of cooling towers in both the industrial and commercial market place.

E-mail: del@ctreservices.com





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